E-Readers: Just what are they good for?

A great article on the state of the e-market now, below. (Notice how we can just attach e- to anything and be understood these days?)


I’m tapping my foot, waiting on the Apple Tablet. Which kind will you choose? And will the e-reader take over print, or become an adjunct to our multitudes of gadgets?

Want an opinion as recompense for clicking here. Okay here goes. I know I will love it for traveling. I would love to get magazine and newspaper content over the e-reader instead of dealing with those messy recycling piles.

I will still buy books that I love just to hold them in my hand.

Technology is fleeting and ever-mutable. A great book is not forever, but at least good for ten years beyond the life of the next gadget.

So my vote is, terrifically useful gadget, maybe a boon to the environment, fantastic for document reading, but no substitute for a well-stocked library.


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