Motel of the Stars: Coming in Apalachian Heritage

Watch for my review of Karen Salyer McElmurray’s Motel of the Stars (Sarabande Press) in the Winter 2010 issue of Appalachian Heritage.


What gives me the gall?

I’m updating and renaming my blog to note what I’m doing now: writing book reviews, promoting work I think deserves attention, and writing my own novel. Soon, I suppose that will include trying to interest an agent. But for the moment, what you will find here is my unvarnished opinion about women in the literary world: how we’re doing, overall; what’s new to read; major prizes won by women; and other topics that evolve from what I’m reading and observing. Send me books to review and I’ll give you my best assessment. What gives me the chutzpah and why should you care? Well, the answer to the first question is that I’ve been a feminist bookstore owner, a small press editor and owner, a Women’s Studies and writing teacher, a long-time feminist activist, and founder and current President of Jane’s Stories Press Foundation, which supports women’s writing. If you want me to review your work, write for my address to

Upcoming Readings

On September 24, I will be reading at the Southern Women Writers Conference in Rome, Georgia!

What you get

I like to take the larger view of most every issue and challenge. Don’t expect a narrow focus or even a slice of life–it’ll be the whole pie in view!